Welcome to the David Silver Spares USA Web site

Our web site has been designed to make shopping for spares much simpler.
Use the tools in the My account area such as the My Bikes facility, Order tracking, order history and monitor your active email alert requests for out of stock and discontinued parts.

Search by part number
The search by part number area has been improved again! You can now find the availability and supersession data, and place orders for any Honda part number.

Search by model
The search by model area shows friendly descriptions of parts instead of Honda descriptions which are usually pretty meaningless. If you don't know the Honda part numbers of the parts you need, then the search by model is the area for you. Enter the engine size of your bike eg for CBR400RR-L enter 400 and click search. You'll be presented with a dropdown box of all the models which match the CC you entered. Choose your model from the dropdown box and click search again. You'll then see a list of all the major parts we stock.

Payment methods

Card payment:
We can accept most credit or debit cards including VISA, Master Card, American Express

Advice hotline

We're still here to help

Ofcourse you can still speak to one of our sales team by calling the usual numbers:
(717) 458 0852 if you're in the USA or CANADA or
+44 1728 833020 from anywhere else.

Is the advice hotline an international call when calling from the USA?
No, the call will be billed as if you are calling a Pennsylvania Land line.

I called you on the advice hotline but got put through to voice mail.
The advice hotline is open during the same hours as our UK office. This means that you will get through during the following hours:

Pacific: 1:00am - 9:30am
Mountain: 2:00am - 10:30am
Central: 3:00am - 11:30 am
Eastern: 4:00am - 12:30pm