It can be difficult to find the correct parts for your Honda motorcycle if you are not sure which exact model you have.

Here are some of the ways you can identify which exact Honda motorcycle you have.

Color Label:
This can be found on most Honda motorcycles made after 1980
It can usually be found by removing or lifting the seat. It will either be attached to the top surface of the rear fender or to one of the frame rails.

CB500W color label    ST1300 2004 color label

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), Chassis number and Frame number:
Every Honda motorcycle has a unique frame number. The frame number can be found either stamped in to the headstock of the frame (Where the steering stem passes through the frame) or stamped on a VIN plate which is then rivitted to an exposed area of the frame.

Some examples of Honda frame numbers:
CX500A 1980 ->  CX500-2201245
CB500W 1998 ->  ZDCPC32A0WF201652
CBR1100XXV 1997 ->  JH2SC35A3VM000051

CB500W 1998 VIN plate

Engine number:
Every Honda motorcycle has a unique engine number. This can usually be found stamped in to the crank case

Some examples of Honda engine numbers:
CX500A 1980 ->  CX500E-2202345
CB500W 1998 ->  PC26E-2300213
CBR1100XXV 1997 -> SC35E-2003215

Email us your Honda model details
If you are not able to find the color label, you can email us your VIN and engine number and as many other details about your bike as you can. We will then ID your bike and will email you back the result.