Honda VFR1200F Accessories

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VFR1200F/FD Accessories image brochure

12v DC Socket Kit
Brochure ref: 9
Part number: 08E70MGE640

Power additional electric equipment with this handy 12V DC Socket Kit that mounts under the seat

29L Panniers / Hard luggage
Brochure ref: 7

Candy prominance red [R-342C]
Part number: 08L70MGED10ZB

Candy tahitian Blue [PB-215C]
Part number: 08L70MGED10ZC

Darkness black metallic [NH-463M]
Part number: 08L70MGED10ZD

Titanium blade metallic [YR-316M]
Part number: 08L70MGED10ZA

A set of two, direct fitting, 29 Litre colour match panniers, specifically designedto look fully integrated on the VFR1200F. The left pannier will hold most full face helmets. They are lockable with the motorcycle key and are also available as a set with pannier inner strap set

31L top box
Brochure ref: 1

Candy prominance red [R-342C]
Part number: 08L55MGE810A

Candy tahitian Blue [PB-215C]
Part number: 08L71MGED10ZC

Darkness black metallic [NH-463M]
Part number: 08L71MGED10ZD

Titanium blade metallic [YR-316M]
Part number: 08L71MGED10ZA

Seal Silver Metallic [NH-A14M]
Part number: 08L55MGE830A

A colour matched Top Box offering capacity to store one full-face helmet and more. Featuring a locking, quick detach mounting system, double link hinges and integrated seals. Also available as part of a kit, inclusive of rear carrier, backrest pad, Mat and straps.

31L top Box Inner Bag
Brochure ref: 2
Part number: 08L56MGE800A

Carry your day to day necessities in this black nylon bag with black zippers and Honda Wing logo. Complete with an adjustable shoulder strap and carrying handle, it offers approximately 20L of carrying capacity and will fit perfectly in the 31L top box

31L top box Upper Pad
Brochure ref: 4
Part number: 08F75MGE800

An additional backrest pad for superior pillion comfort that attaches to the upper part of the Top Box.

Akrapovic Slip-on Exhaust
Brochure ref: 20
Part number: 08F88MGE900

Delivering great looks and increased performance, this street legal slip-on exhaust features laser engraved Akrapovic logo, and conforms to all exhaust noise level regulations for street use.

DCT Foot shifter kit
Brochure ref: 16
Part number: 08U70MGED50

A complete kit to select gears with a traditional foot shifter on the VFR1200F Dual clutch transmission model. Works in conjunction with, or in place of, the DCT handlebar shift triggers to offer a choice of gear selection styles.

Fairing Deflector Set
Brochure ref: 15
Part number: 08R81MGE800

A set of two Fairing deflectors that offer increased wind protection and match the silver accents of the VFR1200F

Heated grip kit (360 Degrees)
Brochure ref: 12
Part number: 08T50MGE800A

Extremely slim Heated Grip Kit, with integrated control for maximum rider comfort. Features 3-step variable heating levels, with integrated circuit to protect the battery from draining and smart heat allocation that focuses on the area of the hands that are most sensitive to the cold. Special heat-resistant glue is available.

Brochure ref: 18
Part number: 08F63MGE802

Protect your bike's shock absorber from dirt splashed from the rear tyre with this black hugger mudguard

Indoor Cover
Brochure ref: 17
Part number: 08P34MGE800

A luxury cover to protect the motorcycle whilst indoors. Dust repellent and breathable, the fabric does not allow condensation to form and is internally teaselled to protect the bodywork from scratches.

Main Stand
Brochure ref: 19
Part number: 08M50MGE800

A necessity for more secure parking on variable ground surfaces, a mainstand also facilitates cleaning and rear wheel maintenance.

Motorcycle Navigation Kit
Brochure ref: 13
Part number: 08A40MGE800

Complete Sat Nav Kit, comprising of: navigation unit, EU maps, Controller, earphone, mc car kit, Attachment kit, battery and owners manual. It features a unique controller which allows you to operate the unit with out taking your hands off the handlebars. Must be combined with additional Quartet wiring harness

Narrow seat
Brochure ref: 8
Part number: 08R50MGE800D

This unique, narrow seat maintains the bike’s ergonomics, whilst significantly improving ground reach for smaller riders.

Pannier inner bag set
Brochure ref: 10
Part number: 08L56MGE800B

A set of two strong and stylish black 18L Pannier Inner Bags featuring black zippers and Honda Wing logos. Each bag includes a handle and straps, for carrying ease and fits perfectly in the 29L panniers

Pannier inner strap set
Brochure ref: 11
Part number: 08L45MGE800

Keep your luggage secure with these elasticated straps that include a centre buckle and four hooks for ease of use

Rear Carrier
Brochure ref: 6
Part number: 08L42MGE800

A sturdy black aluminium Rear Carrier with integrated pillion grab rails that offers convenient luggage storage space.

Tank Bag
Brochure ref: 3
Part number: 08L56MGE801

This stylish, black Tank Bag embroidered with the VFR logo offers 7L of convenient capacity and features handy pockets,inside and out. Clipping easily onto the included tank cover, it features an adjustable shoulder strap, handle and integral rain cover.

Top Box Mat and Straps set
Brochure ref: 5
Part number: 08P11MGE800

A set of separate Top Box Mat and Straps to protect the interior base and hold everything in place. bag includes a handle and straps, for carrying ease and fits perfectly in the 29L panniers

Windshield Extension
Brochure ref: 14
Part number: 08R80MGE800

This 3-position, adjustable windshield extension provides additional wind protection, whilst maintaining excellent visibility, without compromising the VFR's riding qualities.